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Double mahoi is a unique dwarf cavendish banana variety, with each plant producing two or more bunches in its second cycle of fruiting when grown in the right conditions. The plant is short and chunky (up to 2.5 metres tall) when grown outdoors in northern parts of New Zealand. Ideal for smaller backyards or greenhouses.



Fruit is very tasty and sweet when ripe.



Originally from from Hawaii, Double Mahoi is frost tender, and needs shelter and sun/warmth. Well suited to greenhouses, producing smaller, very tasty fruit with large hands.



As with all musa/bananas, the nutritional requirements are high and plants will benefit from an effective fertiliser programme. All banana plants require regular watering during hot spells.


Shipping: We will ship bananas as trimmed stems, with reduced leaves and trimmed roots.  The overall plant height will be reduced to the height necessary to go into the boxes. The roots will be well wrapped in moist paper.    The banana stem will need planting as soon as possible and lots of water.  

Double Mahoi Banana (Musa acuminata)

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