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From South America, cherimoya fruit are a wonderful blend of pear and pineapple, in a smooth and creamy mix. They’re fantastic chilled with icecream, or spooned fresh.


Our trees are grafted from established fruiting plants, so you can look forward to fruit in your hands sooner. Will grow to about 4m tall under ideal conditions, can be pruned.


Self fertile, but will do better with a buddy around.



It's a little perla - loads of slightly smaller but really tasty fruit.



Needs a site with full sun, wind protection when small, and free draining soil. Needs protection from frost.



Protect from frost and wind. Does not like wet cold roots.


All plants are in a 3.5l recycleable plastic pot, unless shown otherwise.

Perla Cherimoya (Annona cherimola) Grafted

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