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Originally from South America, and also called milk fruit, this is an attractive tree with glossy leaves with golden undersides.


Prefers well drained soil.  When mature (8-10 years) can be pruned to shape if you need to.



Fruit needs to ripen on the tree, and will lose its shiny colour and become slightly soft. Best clipped from the tree, to minimise damage to the tree.


Best served chilled, the fruit is sweet with hints of apple, lychee and persimmon.



Really needs to in a sunny and warm location that is sheltered from the wind and frost. Good for growing in a green house in areas south of Auckland. Can be grown in a pot, but this will reduce size and fruit yield.



Protect from frost and wind. Does not like wet cold roots.


All plants are in a 3.5l recycleable plastic pot, unless shown otherwise.

Purple star apple (Chrysophyllum cainito)

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