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Sourced from MPI approved Rarotongan seed, these seedlings have been grown outside their whole lives, and are thriving in Northland temperatures.  


Soursop, also called guanábana or graviola, is a native of South America.  It is a medium sized tree that grow to 9m in ideal conditions, but unlikely to get that large in Aotearoa.  Our experience is that like their cherimoya cousins, they are momentarily deciduous in early spring.  


Soursop fruit has a complex flavour - delicious and a mix of strawberries, apple and sour citrus, with a creamy banana like texture. 


Soursop is self fertile, but will do better with a buddy.  



Soursop  grow best in full sun, in free draining soil.  Unless you're in a really warm spot, or in Northland, this is probably best grown in a greenhouse.  Will not really cope with temperatures of 5 degrees or less, and frost is a killer.



Protect from frost and wind.  Does not like wet cold roots.  


All plants are in a 3.5l recycleable plastic pot, unless shown otherwise.

Soursop (Annona muricata) - Rarotongan

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