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We are experimenting with, and growing, over 42 varieties of edible banana plants on our extensive orchards here in Waipu. In addition, we are also growing a good range of ornamental banana plants. Some plants are grown outside and some under our large tunnel houses. If you are interested in buying some interesting, hard to find and tasty varieties, or are looking for bulk orders to establish your own orchards, please refer to the following to see what is currently available.


For further enquiries/info please contact us 



Bulk/Specialist Banana Plants

Ladyfinger Types

(Generally available as medium or large-sized stems)


Large Australian Ladyfinger (Pata Sina)

Improved Lady Finger (Pacha Nadaan) 

Pinapple Ladyfinger (Lemon ladyfinger)

Pisang Raja

Ducasse (Pisang Awak)

Blue Java

Dwarf Orinoco

Hybrid Types 

(Generally available as medium-sized stems)


FHIA-01 (Goldfinger)

FHIA-02 (Mona Lisa)

FHIA-03 (Sweetheart)

FHIA-18 (Bonanza)

SH360-40 (Highnoon)


Cavendish Types 

(Generally available as medium-sized stems)

Dwarf Cavendish

Dwarf Double Mahoe

Grand Neine



(Generally available as medium-sized stems)

Pacific Plantain

Saba Plantain

Special hard to find/unique varieties

(Generally available in pots)

​Ae Ae (Royal Hawaiian)

Red Jamaican Dwarf

Red Dacca

Green Dacca

Super Dwarf Cavendish

Royal Mysore

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