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Originally from tropical Africa, Tamarind is a beautiful tree with a wide range of uses.  It produces edible pods with a sweet tangy pulp that is used in a range of different cuisine.  The young leaves are also used in cooking.


Under ideal conditions it can grow to 12-18m, but it's unlikely to do so in Aotearoa.  It does well in fully sun, free draining and slightly acid soil.  Its frost and wind sensitive, so give plenty of protection.  Can also be grown in a large pot in a greenhouse, with plenty of food and water.



Tamarind grow best in full sun, in free draining soil and with shelter from wind and frost.  



Protect from frost and wind when young.


All plants are in a 3.5l recycleable plastic pot, unless shown otherwise.

Tamarind (Tamarindus indica)

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