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Wampee is an attractive evergreen tree, that produces highly aromatic clusters of grape like fruit. For a subtropical tree, it’s relatively hardy and can cope with light frosts when its more than a couple of years old.



The fruit turns yellow when ripe, and is best left to ripen on the tree for as long as possible to increase the sweetness. Fruit only grows on the tips of branches, so the less pruning the better.



Under the right conditions, wampee can grow to 8m, and is a dense tree which will eventually provide good shelter for others.


Best conditions for growth are the same as their citrus cousins, they need a sunny, well drained site with plenty of water and organic matter.



Protect from frost and wind. Does not like wet cold roots.


All plants are in a 3.5l recycleable plastic pot, unless shown otherwise.

Wampee (Claysena lansium)

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